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Ask me anything   Your Thoughts?   An attempt at a Bay Area (mostly) food blog from a girl who hates vegetables.

This is going to be harder than I thought..

I’m at somewhat of a loss right now…Not really sure where to start but seeing as there are no followers for this blog yet I guess it doesn’t really matter…I’ll begin with this weekend..

Eat Real was this weekend folks..and if you don’t know what Eat Real is..well that is just unreal…

It should be a requirement for every Bay Area resident to know what Eat Real Food Festival is.

where: Jack London Sq; Oakland CA

when: usually around September (that’s right one weekend a year..special)

Eat Real is basically OTG Fort Mason on crack, smack, dope, crank, kush, X, and whatever else all these effin people be on nowadays

You got your vegan, you got your mexican, your italian, your spanish, your BBQ, your baked goods, frozen goods, fried goods, smoked goods, pickled goods, AND BOOZE!

Basically anything you can imagine, Eat Real will have it. My boyfriend and I have gone three years in a row already and TRY to get something new each time (its more difficult than you think, almost everything you try you want to try again next year)

The great thing about Eat Real is they impose somewhat of a price cap..vendors usually have a limited menu (their best stuff) from around $5-$8 (smaller portions along with the smaller price of course) The beauty of this system is it allows you to try more variety and not spend $50 per person. 

This year:

Me— lamb poutine from the Whole Beast—exquisite

        thai tea frozen custard from Frozen Kushterd—divine

        1/2 tikka masala burrito from Curry Up Now (a repeat)—love it

the Boy— other half of said burrito

                pork foot sandwich from place I cannot remember

                chicken waffle sandwich from Soul Groove—the best. we look for           this place every year and can’t get enough of it. We finally found out where they are located and will be stopping by soon.

                peach lavender popsicle from Fat Face—he loved it..not my cup of tea..

Unfortunately we did not get to the Booze area but I do know that inside they do taste testing and a $10 wristband will get you 4 pours (usually about a shot) of your choice of was a popular option to say the least. If you’re not there for the hard stuff beer and some cocktails are available at multiple stands. 

I hope this has inspired you to try Eat Real next year. I understand pictures would have sealed the deal but I’m brand new at this so you will just have to deal for now. We are learning together.

Until Next time. 

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So I have been dwelling on this thought for awhile and as I sit here in my dining room on this very relaxing Sunday night waiting for my pumpkin bread to bake I had the notion to just eft it and dive in. So here is the first post of what is probably going to be a not very successful attempt at a food blog by Gabriela Reyes.

I am 21 years old.

college student (broke)

work part time

full time boyfriend

deep love for food

but what’s with the “picky foodie”?

I hate 99% of vegetables…this will not be a health conscious vegan/vegetarian page…leave now if you regularly eat sales…seriously.

ok. well….see you soon

im also kind of awkward

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